The Restaurant

The large rooms, the location in the quiet pine forest, not far from the main road, and the large spaces including 250 seats make it ideal for banquets and wedding receptions. There is also large covered area outside the entrance that offers the possibility of drinks outdoors.

Traditional and international cuisine is our strong point, and with us you can taste the flavours of Trentino and the enjoy the traditions of Val di Sole. During the week there will be a typical Trentino dinner with candlelight and in the summer, weather permitting, there is an alternative BBQ with Polenta outdoors.

Our wine cellar offers many wines, especially those from our region, and in addition we serve our own Sangiovese DOC produced in the hills of Rimini, where the Mora family owns several hectares of Sangiovese grapes, which it exclusively offers to guests, with a customised label.


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